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Next Workshop: Sunday, October 17th

7:30pm EST / 4:30pm PST 

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In this workshop, you will learn: 

  • How setting boundaries will help you cope with (and even prevent) burnout.

  • What boundaries look like and sound like.

  • Boundary-setting strategies for your professional and personal life.

  • How to overcome guilt, people-pleasing patterns, and negative thoughts that may interfere with your boundary setting.

  • Self-reflection practices that will help you to start saying NO, so you can finally put yourself first. 

*Participants will receive accompanying PDF worksheets to help facilitate self-reflection and deepen learning around boundaries**​

**If you already joined the Teacher Survival Kit online course, this workshop is already included in your package!**

Meet Katie Quick, MA, LPC

Workshop Creator and Boundary Connoisseur 

This course was created by Katie Quick - an educator, Licensed Professional Counselor, national speaker, SEL Specialist, award-winning singer/songwriter, and teacher advocate with over 17 years in education. Katie has a master's in Counseling from Northwestern University where she researched teacher burnout. She has a thriving private practice where supports educator mental health and is a highly sought after speaker and consultant for schools nationwide. Additionally, Katie not only survived pandemic education herself, but led, supported, and trained educators nationwide with data showing measurable growth in morale and SEL professional development at her former school in Colorado.


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