Become a Partner School

Become a Partner School

I am so grateful that there are schools like yours who are putting the well-being of their staff front and center. Your investment in the mental health of your teachers will not only help with retention and prevent burnout, but also show them that you care. 


When you purchase memberships for your staff, you will become one of our Partner Schools, receiving additional benefits to help support not only your teachers, but your entire school community. 

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Membership + Partner School Benefits

In addition to all of the amazing membership benefits that your educators will receive each month, your school will also become one of our Partner Schools, receiving extra support, resources, and recognition as a thank you for caring about the well-being of your staff. ​

Partner Schools Will Receive:

  • Discounted, group membership pricing (contact us for pricing.)

  • Yearly consultation meeting + quarterly follow-up with Katie Quick where you can create a strategic plan for teacher well-being in your building.

  • Members-only pricing on all professional development, coaching, consultation, concerts, self-care days, and other services with Katie Quick at 50% OFF for the duration of your membership (contact us for details).

  • Your school will be featured on our website as well as in our next monthly newsletter, sent out to over 1k educators nationwide. We want to celebrate the amazing schools who are investing in the well-being of their staff, and hopefully inspire others to do the same!

Are you interested in learning more? Contact us!